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The 14th February, Valentines Day. A marketeers and PR campaign dream. Over the years, social media has opened many doors to enable brands to develop authentic engagement with their following, new and loyal customer base. This year, we are loving the KFC and Domino stunts - who wouldnt love a bouquet of chicken or an encrusted gold pizza ring for engagements that are shared online. **insert emoji**

The topic of valentines leads us very nicely into this week's #BlogHour, For The Love of Blog. In 2016, it was pretty clear that influencer engagement went mainstream and with a predicted 85% increase in brand budgets set for 2017, it is going to be an interesting year for 'influencer marketing'. But is the investment being used in the correct way? And for the Love of Blog, what does influencer marketing actually mean?

Last week, Fashion and Beauty Judge, from RelationsLDN wrote an influential post on the UKBA17 Blog titled, (if you haven't read this, you need too).

As well as the above post, we have seen industry peers drafting posts around how influencers marketing is defined incorrectly, is overused and an ambigious term. We see many PR professionals gifting influencers (bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers..), but what about the long term gain and what is the objective for both, is there one at all? As well as the above post, this evening's BlogHour has been inspired by the following posts: 

For the past four years, we have been working (hard) to help recognise this inspiring and insightful industry. As well as the above posts being directed towards brands and PR professionals, we believe it is important to share with our community of influencers and provide you with an insight into what is going on. Hopefully you know and have done your own research if you are looking to build a career by developing online content.

We hope you are intrigued, excited and overwhelmed (these three words sprung to our mind first, what's yours?) by tonights topic - see you at 9pm via Twitter account for the #BlogHour debate. In the meantime, check out tonight's questions below:

Q1. Close your eyes and answer in five seconds. Define the term, influencer marketing? #BlogHour

Q2. How would you define sponsored content? #BlogHour

Q3. Whether paid or unpaid, how do you illustrate to brands that they have gained a return - is data even a requirement, should it be? #BlogHour

Q4. As an influencer, what are your thoughts on gifting? #BlogHour

Q5. Would you work with a brand if the product or messaging was not right, even to grow your following? #BlogHour

Q6. This community is not all about advertising. Share your reasons why you love the industry and your acheivements to date. #BlogHour

In the meantime, leave your thoughts on this post below.