Limitless: How You Push Your Limits | ODEON co-host #BlogHour


It’s been a busy start to the year for us at ODEON. Fresh from an ODEON Leo love- in pre and post his Oscar win which involved us renaming our iconic cinema ODEON Leicester Square to LEODEON we’re now gearing up for our next award ceremony - with you guys - the UK Blog Awards 2016.

We’re really enjoying working with the team and getting to know you all during our Blog Hours and we can’t wait to spend some more quality Twitter time with you this coming Tuesday at 9pm.

March 5 sees us launch our latest game changing initiative for ODEON. It’s called  and it’s a monthly subscription to Limitless cinema. Imagine seeing all the films you want, as often as you like on the big screen.

So with this is mind, Tuesday’s Blog Hour, co-hosted by us is all about how you push your limits. See you online at 9pm!

Q1) What limits do you come up against with your blog and how do you overcome them? via #BlogHour

Q2) If time and money was no object, how would you like to develop your blog’s brand? via #BlogHour

Q3) How do you push your own limits with the content you produce? via #BlogHour

Q4) How can brands support bloggers in their ambitions and push the limits of a blogs potential? via #BlogHour

Q5) In what instances do you find working with brands to be limiting and in what instances would you say no to partnering with a brand? via #BlogHour

Q6) Just for fun, if you could have a Limitless supply of anything in the world, what would it be and why? via #BlogHour

We look forward to tweeting with you tomorrow at 9pm via Twitter account! Don't forget to use the #BlogHour hashtag in your tweets.