Leadership: The Importance of Influencer Collaboration


In an age where the online marketplace is booming, the importance of the right influencer collaboration is stronger than ever. Rewind a decade and social media marketing budget was a struggle. Social media has overtaken traditional forms of advertising and with broadsheets stepping down from a traditional print the presence of digital media is here to stay. Not having a social media presence today, would be like a cat with no milk. Meow, indeed.

So, how does a Brands Social Media Presence Stay Strong?
There is now no denying what influencer marketing can achieve. We have been awarding digital content for almost four years and we have seen the industry grow at a rapid paste. Youtubers and online stars, such as famous British siblings Zoella and Joe Sugg, have teamed up with a number of brands to endorse products and increase brand awareness. Zoella launched a beauty range with high street giant Superdrug, whilst Joe partnered with England Rugby on a national campaign to encourage more 16-24 year olds to take up the sport. Both campaigns have been hugely successful, and it is thought this is largely down to the involvement of the influencers.

The Method
Brands partner with high profile social media stars, celebrities and start up influencers established across their industry and community. The reason? Community, empathy, loyalty and industry targeting to name a few. More often than not, brands have their own credibility already established. However, it is important to encapsulate personalisation and engagement. Previously, a website carried out the latter and did the job, as they say, with clients listed, case studies showcased and known product quality. However, digital influence goes beyond this and provides the ‘people's voice’, ‘the word on the street’, ‘a voice of reason’ and more importantly, trust. After all, influencers are famous for opinion and honesty which is key in any review.

What Creates a Lasting Collaboration
There is no denying, you as an influencer have the power to deliver. But, don't forget your blog brand needs to be perceived in the right light and you, as an individual. As your parent might say, never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself. Mums the word! And you guessed it, this works both ways.

So, how do you create a lasting collaboration?
# Investment: when you reviewing a brand, your review needs to go beyond testing the product. Invest time, effort and creativity in your review.
# Professionalism: As we have already discussed, influencer marketing is powerful to due trust, honesty and reliability. However, these points need to be executed and followed through in a professional way. If you don’t like or a rate a product, think carefully what you do next.
# Data: Tracking and analysis what happens with your coverage should be your focus. Afterall, products and paid opportunities cost, therefore measurement is key. Tracking your links can easily be implemented through Google Analytics.
# Communication: Finally, simple stay in touch emails and diary reminders for follow up can be the difference in the maintaining the relationship to it breaking down. One step better is a catch up coffee, don’t forget face to face is the most powerful form of communication

The above are some items that would advise in creating lasting relationships in your journey of content partnerships. Forget one hit wonder campaigns, both brands and influencers need to invest in each other. This is why we developed our new influencer and brand platform, . Whether you are a blogger, vlogger, instagrammer or snapfluencer; all platforms are key in building the right relationships and delivering creative messaging across digital media.

The rise of digital word of mouth is stronger than ever. Real people mean real reviews and that’s you.