Lead, Stand up and Stand out | #BlogHour


Last night we went along to Roast Restaurant to meet up with some of our finalists, entrants, judges and industry influencers to get together and celebrate the power of the blogging community, followed by delicious food and drink, not forgetting the quiz which brought out everyone's competitive streakes - the food bloggers felt the pressure!

During the evening we discussed the value of networking and why that attending events such as the UK Blog Awards is a vital part for your content growth. Whether you have entered the UK Blog Awards process or not, UKBA17 welcomes everyone at all events and meet ups under one roof to enable you to develop connections and build your community. 

This week, we will be talking about your Blog growth and how being true to yourself and authentic is much more important than following in a busy, but rewarding industry. We have taken requests from the community who joined last week and shared their topical ideas in this week's hour. Join us for another fun filled debate at 9pm via Twitter channel and don't forget that ever important #BlogHour hashtag. In the meantime, you can catch up on the questions below:

Q1. Last week, shared their industry insight on the Blog. On key area for them was authenticity. Is this important? #BlogHour 

Q2. In a busy market, what are the best ways to grow your community and readership? via #BlogHour

Q3. What writing styles do you believe makes a good read on a Blog - informative, witty, personal, educational? via #BlogHour

Q4. Getting organised. How much time do you spend developing content and how do you manage your time effectively? via KiraLCurtis #BlogHour

Q5. With video content leading the way on how we share across social, will you move with the times and what is most engaging for you? #BlogHour

Q6. Do you set aside a budget for your Blog to attend events, develop your site and invest in marketing - what is most important to you? #BlogHour