Interacting Internationally | #BlogHour


France, South Africa, Australia, the US, Sweden, Germany, Italy and India are just some of the countries who create and develop strong content. We question, outside of the U.K. Blogging community, which country would you say inspires you and your Blog the most. Who is most interactive and how do you maintain your relationship.

We are always encourage our community of bloggers and vloggers to think outside of the box and collaborate to develop further knowledge.

A bigger advantage of this, is that the international content community is super friendly - we all are. We are pleased to say that we have even visited the in Paris and it was a great to find further innovative content creators outside of the UK!

During #BlogHour tonight at 9pm BST, we will discuss how important it is to interact with international bloggers and gain insight into how everyone works differently on their own content journey.

We hope you find the #BlogHour inspirational below and we look forward to discussing with you:

Q1. Where is your Blog located and where were you when you posted your first piece of content? #BlogHour

Q2. How much do you interact with bloggers and vloggers outside of the UK? #BlogHour

Q3. Have you ever studied abroad? If so, did this provide a different content experience for you? #BlogHour via

Q4. Have you collaborated with international Bloggers? If so, how did this work and have you ever met in person? #BlogHour

Q5. When you follow international content, have you noticed a difference in the way they market their content? #BlogHour

Q6. Just for fun, give a shout out and share your favourite international blogger or Vlogger! #BlogHour

 Enjoy and see you at 9pm tonight for #BlogHour.