Insight into UK Blog Awards Individual Winning Blogs


Three weeks has passed since we crowned the UK's top Blogs in London with and as we cannot relive the wonderful night of B.F.G wonders, we thought we would catch up with our winners and find out what makes a UK winning Blog. 

This week, we are featuring some of individual UK Blog Award winners from a multitude of industries to inspire, innovate and share their advice and storytelling tips. Dive into our winners thoughts below around building relationships with readers, hear what they are planning post awards and how they plan to stay ahead with their content: 

Automotive Individual Winner | Take to the Road
"We make films of great classic cars which we feature on the Take to the Road Blog and YouTube channel. The cars we feature are special and we always look for ones with a great story. We aim to capture the relationship between the owner and their car and document the journey they have been on. So when we are out and about we keep our eyes peeled for interesting classic cars on the street. If we spot one, we leave a card for the owner, inviting them to be part of Take to the Road. We also go to lots of classic cars shows which are an excellent recruiting ground for us. When we chat to the owners about their classic car on display, we are essentially doing a mini interview. If their story is a good one and the car catches our eye, we sign them up. “

Arts and Culture Individual Winner | Urban Kultur
"As the focus of my content is usually visual I often take trips to different cities to capture art and write about it, as well as wondering the streets of my own town. I prefer to avoid re-purposing artist's images and focus on creating original content as much as I can."

Dating Individual Winner | All Sweetness and Life
"I started writing my blog seven years ago and think the key to it having grown year on year is the regularity of which I write. It's important to update regularly with fresh content and therefore, essential to write about a subject you are passionate about in order that it is something you look forward to doing rather than dread!
I try to keep my content fresh and interesting, and have learnt not to be afraid of having an opinion, not everyone is going to like what you write all of the time but that's the joy of blogging, is about interaction. Lastly I always engage with my audience, feedback is the most rewarding thing about blogging and the more you respond, the more you get!"

Events Individual Winner | Love Belfast
"I always keep in mind what visitors and customers to my website are asking for. I therefore develop content that I know answers their questions and would like to share on social media with their friends and family."

Fashion and Beauty Individual Winner | Eltoria
"Winning both best Beauty and Fashion UK Blog 2016 and Vlogger and Podcast 2016 was quite the achievement. I would like to thank fellow bloggers and supporters for taking the time to vote for me in the public vote, and to the judges for selecting me as their overall winner in both categories. The next plan for Eltoria is to branch my content into the fitness realm and to also take it over seas. Throughout July, August and September I am planning to visit warmer climates to blog and vlog about my new surroundings, and I will also be working with fitness professionals to enhance my fitness content quality on my blog. My YouTube channel is also receiving a brand new trailer and look which is due to be released any day now!"

Food and Drink Individual Winner | Hey! Dip your toes In
"Here at HDYTI our approach to content creation centers on connection, collaboration, and reach. Our approach to development starts with establishing a connection with the subject and relaying that connection in an engaging way to our readers through the written word and carefully curated images and video. During development, we also seek out material and facts related to our subject matter which not only enriches our content but also opens doors for collaboration with other bloggers and brands. Lastly we develop content with its potential reach in mind. We seek to relate with as wide an audience as possible, leveraging our social media platforms to ensure diversity of engagement. We feel that a combination of these factors is what makes our blog award winning."

Green and Eco Individual Winner | Make Wealth History
"I've never had a particular strategy for developing content.I write about what I find interesting and tend to make it up as I go along. The advice of pro bloggers is often to find your niche and stay focused, but I'm interested in a lot of things and I've ended up with a very diverse blog. What makes it work is a more deliberate tone of voice. I want to be a positive and constructive voice in the environmental debate, and as I trained as a journalist, I want it to be unbiased and well informed. I want people to come away from the site knowing that the world faces all kinds of serious problems, but we are not powerless in the face of them."

Health and Socialcare Individual Winner | Caron Cares
“I see my blog as a cross between Age UK for its advice and Which for information about useful products to make life easier for people. For me the magic is about growing a community of people who care and share. It's about jumping offline to work on projects such as the dementia assistance cards. FREE to anyone with dementia they provide a discreet way to ask for help in public and contain an emergency contact name and number.
Soon to pilot is the " happy to share my table" project encouraging people to share tables in public hopefully leading to conversation/friendships and reducing loneliness in people of all ages but especially the invisible elderly.
I love what I do with such passion, many, many thanks to my judges for recognising this. So delighted, amazed, proud and happy to be the winner of a UK Blog Award. Thank you.”

Lifestyle Individual Winner | Bella Coco
"My posts come from a place of passion and inspiration. I love to share my loves with others, whether it be a craft project, a product that I love or even a place where I have been. I usually start my posts with the photography and images. Being an extremely visual person, I find that this is where I get the inspiration to write the content to the posts. My writing style is relaxed and easy to read- almost like I'm there telling you the story. At School, I was always a little fearful of English classes, it was never my strongest subject, so having the freedom to express myself on my own blog is liberating."

Photography Individual Winner | Feather and Film
“Feather & Film is based on the incredible and diverse submissions from film photographers all around the world. In order to build content, I collaborate with great Film Labs and Film manufacturers, as well as network within the fabulous film communities there are. The next step is to start developing more informative posts on various film stocks, cameras and tips on how to begin on your analog journey and improve your travel pictures. Instagram is a great platform, as it is perfect for photographers, and a great place to connect with other film shooters and travellers.”

Travel Individual Winner | Backpacker Banter    
“Blog creation wise for the bulk of my travel content it’s pretty simple - if it’s information or a story my buddies would ask me about in a bar its usually worth writing - whether that’s useful stuff like how much things cost in Australia or a few anecdotes about my worst travel experiences! 
That’s how I want to connect to my readers, I just want to write the kind of content I would for my buddies to help them plan their own trips and inspire them to see some new places and write it in the same stye I would chat to them over a pint! And of course include some awesome pictures too!”

Wedding Individual Winner | Whisper & Blush
“Our blog was set up to give fashion-loving brides-to-be ideas for their wedding dresses and bridal styling, such as hair and makeup by looking at how to incorporate catwalk trends and inspiration from the red carpet into their wedding day look.
Inspiration for a post or an idea could come from seeing new collections in fashion magazines, catwalk shows, or looking at what outfits people are wearing on Instagram and understanding how these can be adapted into the world of bridal. Essentially we love fashion and beauty, and we love bridal so it’s never a chore for us to seek out all things pretty! We’ve also found that readers love posts where we offer our own honest and personal opinions so have recently branched out to include general lifestyle content.”

Most Innovative Individual Winner | Cassie Fairy
“I try to create my blog posts as if I’m writing for a magazine, only a little more personal! I’ll come up with an idea – either for a DIY project or a comment piece – do my research, take photographs to illustrate the post and then write it up as if I’m talking to a friend (well, that’s what my readers are to me!). The process can take anything from 2 hours up to 4 weeks, depending on how in-depth the topic is or how involved a practical project is. And I honestly love every minute!”

Will your indvidual Blog be featured as winner of UK Blog Awards 2017? Entries go live October 2016.