Insight into UK Blog Awards 2016 Company Winning Blogs


Last week, we shared an insight into this years UK Blog Awards 2016 individual winning Blogs. At the awards, we have always believed in recognising both individual and company Blog content.

This week, we caught up with our company winners and asked them how they keep their Blog on trend and what makes them stand out from the Blogging crowd. Check out their tips and advice below:

Automotive Company Winner

"The key for us is to never stop experimenting. We're always up for trying new content ideas and formats - nothing is ever off the table."


Arts and Culture Company Winner

“Very early on I decided that the blog should be an open forum for other actors to be heard. Anyone can submit articles, on any topic that fits with the ethos of the project. The Honest Actor’s Blog is defined by three things: honesty, community and equal representation. It’s about identification with other actors; a community of experience that sits outside levels of success, age or numbers of Twitter followers. Ultimately, I want to contribute to a better standard of mental health among actors. On the way, I’d like to at least make people smile with recognition at the experiences we all share."


Digital and Technology Company Winner

"The Ri Web Blog affords a clean and simple design to ensure a seamless user journey. The content itself features plenty of imagery and short, snappy sentences to keep the reader engaged.
Every piece we produce, long or short, aims to be actionable and informative for our audience. If they have problems beyond our knowledge base we solicit expert interviews.
These are a great way to help our audience and increase the exposure of the blog, as 'influencers' often share the articles they are featured in!
Going above and beyond to serve our audience and never deviating from our areas of focus is the key to our success."


Education Company Winner

“Health and education affects us all, but research can be considered a dry subject and what makes the Fuse Open Science Blog interesting and engaging is that it provides a personal ‘warts and all’ peak behind the scenes on the science.  In it you read the honest experiences, thoughts and feelings of people working in Public Health research.  We hope that the blog dispels the stereotypical view of academics in their ivory towers, surrounded by dusty books and dry journal papers.  The blog relies on voluntary contributions and this provides fantastically varied content from many different perspectives and specialisms.  We try to co-ordinate our posts with awareness days, topical news and events to make the biggest impact and have the most relevance.  Some content evolves naturally and is written in response to a post, or a comment on the blog or social media.  Our content tends to be written posts (this being academia) but we also ran a year-long image series called ‘52 weeks in public health’ and will be doing more audio and vlogging in the future. The blog has also built a feeling of community across ‘Fuse’ - a research centre that is located in five different universities at some geographical distance from each other.”

Events Company Winner

"Our mission is to produce content that will educate and inspire eventprofs across the UK, and so we always develop our content with our readers in mind first, like a publisher would."
Mark Walker, Head of Content, Eventbrite UK & Ireland


Fashion and Beauty Company Winner

"With a brand retail blog, the top priority is to step into your customers' shoes. Do the articles contain valuable information? Do they grip attention right from the start? Are the images inspiring? Is the text laid out bite-size, so it's easy to read on any device?
Also, social and web analytics are a blogger's best friend. They reveal what content your readers love and help you plan relevant future articles. If you harness creativity with statistics, your blog posts will hit home every time."

Food and Drink Company Winner

''My blog content is created to help others going through what I went through and still going through. My mission is to put as much information about living with cow's milk protein allergy as possible, in one place so that other allergy parents don't have to spend hours and hours searching online like I did. I try to focus on solving problems for my readers and being informative.''


Green and Eco Company Winner

“At Frontier’s Into The Wild blog I like to ensure that the topics we cover include conservation, travel, wildlife and green living with more in depth articles as well as easier to digest lists, and quizzes for fun. I find it important to have a strong volunteer presence on the blog so that potential volunteers can find out what life is like out on our projects from the horse’s mouth. I think that the design is crucial and I like to keep it vibrant to appeal to our target audience.”


Health and Socialcare Company Winner

“Our aim is to make healthy eating; fun, delicious and nutritious through recipes, food art, nutrition facts and more. The content on our blog is based on what we have learned and are still learning on our journey to a happier, healthier version of ourselves and we want to share this with as many people as possible. If we can make a difference to people’s lives, then we have achieved what we set out to do, which is to raise the awareness of the positive effects of healthy eating.”


Lifestyle Company Winner

"The blog will be evolved in telling the other to do everything with passion.The aim is to make the readers happy and providing them with interesting subjects to read. We like to get others people involved in our stories & blog. We like to give them the chance to open into their air their ideas and experiences.”
Our Key factor:
• Diversity
• Simplicity
• Class
• Be Yourself


Photography Company Winner

“As a food photographer I do a great deal of traveling and use the blog as a way to show my day behind the lens; my camera is like a skeleton key and goes behind the scenes of every day life. It can be quite surprising how far you can get armed with a camera and a full compliment of good manners! I shoot specifically for the blog when I am traveling - all creatives need an outlet, a way to exhibit their work, and also a method to get direct feedback from their audience. The blog provides this, and as and added bonus, gives me an excuse to do a little writing. I think my blog is engaging as I take an honest approach to the content I share. It is a behind the scenes look into my life as a food photographer, but also shows some more incidental images. More importantly the blog shares the characters I meet, and grow to love, along the way.”

PR, Media, Marketing and Communications Company Winner
“Our blog is our voice. As a creative content agency we believe that blogging is one of the most powerful ways to communicate brand values and personality, and we very much practice what we preach. Everyone in the agency gets involved, providing a mix of insights, advice and industry commentary on the topics of content marketing, social media, employee engagement and recruitment marketing. All of this content is sent out into the wider world via our various social channels, and we're constantly reviewing the success of different posts and looking for ways to improve and add value for readers.“


Travel Company Winner

“At DWD we work with a diverse range of writers from all over the world.  Whenever possible we like to tap into the pride and passion of writers native to the countries we’re covering, aiming to inspire and engage our readers by covering a wide range of topics, including reporting on the most amazing wedding and honeymoon destinations, uncovering the latest wedding fashion and colour trends and providing practical wedding planning tips.”

Vlogger and Podcast Company Winner

"Our content is planned out and broken down into categories including seasonal, timely and campaign-led. As well as a yearly content calendar, we plan blog posts weekly and daily for news. We work closely with our Client Marketing Managers, external PRs and clients directly to ensure we are creating the most engaging and timely content for our readers. Weekly and daily content is also flexible to allow for feedback on social media, which ensures we can respond to real time conversations with relevant content.”


Wedding Company Winner

“When it comes to the content for Style & the Bride, I always try and feature up to the minute catwalk shows in order to ensure my fashionable couples know everything that is stylish and new in the world of bridal. As well as showcasing bridal dresses, I always endeavour to demonstrate to my couples how they can translate ready to wear trends and unusual colour combinations for their wedding. I also believe my couples find my blog engaging because they know they can trust in the expertise of my content as I am a journalist with over 15 years’ experience. I edited a national bridal magazine Cosmopolitan Bride for five years and have also written for the national press too.”


ODEON Cinemas: Best Storyteller Company Winner

“On The Royal Mint blog our aim is to tell stories and encourage coin collecting. At The Royal Mint, we’re blessed to be surrounded by stories; from our 1,000 year history to the products we produce today that mark national events and anniversaries. Stories are at the heart of what we do! We work very closely with our museum to tell the stories from our history and with partners to tell the stories of the anniversaries and events we mark today. When it comes to encouraging coin collecting, we ourselves our collectors so that helps with empathy and understanding what our readers want, but importantly we ask and listen.”