There are some people in the world that are here to help and make a difference, Chris is one of those people. The UK Blog Awards Health and Socialcare category, (winner’s or not) provides a platform for advice, comfort and inspiration. In 2007, Chris was diagnosed with Cancer and this where his journey began,  Chris’ Blog mission has been to remove isolation that this dreadful disease brings with it and to use his personal experience, joined up with his previous business consultancy experience to connect people around the world.
Chris has won many awards which has helped him to provide a platform of voice. Find out in this interview, how Chris has made a difference across his community, about his charity and why the Health industry may not be fashionable, but is strong in its own right.
Tell our readers a bit about you and your Blog content..
The aim of my blog is for people affected by cancer to share experiences. This leads to weekly discussions across  and . Cancer can be a very isolating experience and I do my best to help connect people around the world.
I am still  regularly, as it is the heartbeat of my cancer support work. But I now run my own  where we help people affected by cancer to stay connected through the difficult times.
Since your big win, where are you now?
My writing has won several awards in recent years which helps raise the profile of my cancer work. I am now known across the globe by many people in the healthcare profession and patients too. I get invited to do a lot of corporate speaking, to help influence cancer policy in the future. I also spend time visiting hospitals and hospices who are using our mobile services to help their patients.
Do you think winning a UK Blog Award has helped progress your Blog career?
Without a doubt, but not immediately. The cancer sector is very different to many of the fashionable type blogs, and struggles to get publicity. However it did open some opportunities and I now do regular media pieces and have done some TV etc.
So far, what has been the highlight of your Blog career?
I think I would have to say winning the award. I had really only just started and had to be persuaded to enter. So it was an incredible feeling to be told I had won. Now I consider myself to be a professional writer and speaker, which wouldn’t have happened had I not won the award.
If you were able to go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself about Blogging?
Understand why you are blogging. Is it for your enjoyment or to reach an audience, with a longer term aim?
Would this be the same advice to a Blogger starting out? 
To those who are nominated or entering into the UK Blog Awards, what advice would you give?
Just enjoy the process, and don’t compare yourself with others. All our work is unique and we all have different talents.
Finally, this year’s UK Blog Awards 2017 theme is #BlogHero. How would you define a hero in the blogosphere? 
Someone who makes a positive difference to people’s lives.

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