Insight: Blazing Minds | UKBA15 Events Winner | Where are you now?

won the UK Blog Awards Event category in 2015 and we caught up with Karen to find out how her content has progressed since her big win. Being a key part of the UK Blog Awards community, Karen showcases why her Blog has such a strong following.
During this interview Karen tells us about the transition of her Blog content, how winning the award platformed her content to the next level and shares advice in helping others to be a true Blog Hero!

Tell our readers a bit about you and your Blog content..

I started blogging back in 2008, just to see what all the fuss was about, suffice to say it got rather addictive and after writing a movie review I was picked up by the local cinema to write reviews, this lead to theatre reviews, gig reviews and the chance to work with some famous names.
The blog is now purely entertainment based, still with reviews etc and with some great contacts there are some exclusives from time to time.
Since your big win, where are you now?
Winning the award opened up so many doors for myself and the blog, many PR companies got in touch to work with them including those involved with the likes of . And other movie companies.
I was even contacted by the cinema chain to guest post on their website, which in turn has lead to even more doors opening up and lots of extra work coming in to keep me more busy than ever before.
Do you think winning a UK Blog Award has helped progress your Blog career?
Most definitely, many of those getting in touch with me mention that they saw that the I was an award winner and it certainly lights the way to show that the blog is not just something that is done as a hobby, but has no become something of a full time career.
So far, what has been the highlight of your Blog career?
Now that's a tough one, besides winning the award lol .. I think it's getting the invites to so many gigs and the chance to work alongside people that I would never have dreamed of even meeting. Having the access to the pit at gigs is fantastic and getting those exclusive photographs for is brilliant.
If you were able to go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself about Blogging?
My advise would be to not worry about the early days of starting the blog, everything comes in time and happens for a reason, learn from your mistakes and keep at it.
Would this be the same advice to a Blogger starting out? 
Yes indeed, I'd also add for any new blogger to get themselves their own domain name and self hosted website.
To those who are nominated or entering into the UK Blog Awards, what advice would you give?
Enjoy the excitement of being nominated, it's a rush when you are nominated for the award and even more of a rush when you win. 
Finally, this year’s UK Blog Awards 2017 theme is #BlogHero. How would you define a hero in the blogosphere? 
Hmmm, a  #BlogHero! Well for me, a Blog Hero is someone that takes time out from their own blogging and finds the time to help others with their blogs, specially those that are starting out. If it wasn't for some great advice from seasoned bloggers when I started out, I would have probably given up several times, especially in the first 12 months of starting the blog.