Guest Post Benefits | #BlogHour


This week during #BlogHour, we will discuss the benefits of Guest Posting on Tuesday 21st September 2016 at 9pm via Twitter account.

There are many aspects of Guest Posting, whether you are a content contributors to another blogger, influencer or brands platform or whether you welcome guest posting opportunites on your Blog.

There are many benefit in sharing your own knowledge and posting on a different site that is not your own. This week, we have some great questions from our community, but before #BlogHour takes place we wanted to share some benefits when it comes to guest blogging:

# SEO Backlinks for you and your Blog and if you have not posted or been linked from the said Blog before, unique links are hugely valued in the world of SEO

# Sharing on different platforms spreads your knowledge, which in turn, will develop further credibility and following for your own Blog

# Community. Guest posting expands your network and is a great way to gain popularity and awareness for your Blog

Don't forget to share your comments with us below, do you have other tips? What are your favourity questions? Do you have a question for next weeks #BlogHour?

We hope you find the questions below of interest, we very much look forward to tweeting with you during #BlogHour from 9-10pm.

Q1. I often get a lot of emails offering guest posts. What are people's opinions on regular guest posts? Via #BlogHour

Q2. What would influence you personally to guest post for another blog? Via #BlogHour

Q3. Do you feel that guest posting has helped elevate you and those you hosted? Via #BlogHour

Q4. What is the best way to approach someone about guest blogging? Is it important to build up a relationship first? Via #BlogHour

Q5. Have you ever guest vlogged for anyone? If so, was this a success and what tips would you offer to others? Via #BlogHour

Q6. If you are sent something to review and it's really not good, do you give an honest review or not review at all? Via #BlogHour