Growing Your Audience Through Community | #BlogHour


This week, we have developed a post on the where the post discussed the importance in building relationships between influencers and brands which also relates to last weeks #BlogHour topic with .

But before, the relationship between an influencer and a brand begins, the focus must be you, your content and your community.

The rule, is to step outside of social media. Your platforms can be your comfort blanket, however to grow following stepping outside of your digital social handle is important. Attending events, making calls, arranging coffee and meet ups with your community is key. Spread the word about your plans and inspiration, as well as sharing tips. More than often you will find out that many influencers have the same goals.

This week, your community has submitted a variety of questions relating to audience growth, traffic and community. Which tools and marketing skills do you apply to your Blog marketing? Or do you have no plan and share and connect on demand, taking each day one step at a time, as part of your content journey?

We hope you can join the conversation on Tuesday 18th October 2017 via Twitter account from 9-10pm. In the meantime, be sure to check out the questions below before the hour begins:

Q1. What advice would you give to someone who has started vlogging/blogging? #BlogHour via

Q2. Does having a pen name affect your traffic i.e. not your real name? #BlogHour via

Q3. If you have not established your Blog brand, whats the single best way you've found of getting more readers to follow your blog? #BlogHour via  

Q4. How long was it until your blog started to get noticed and how do you find people with similar blogs to yours? #BlogHour via

Q5. What is the most effective way of getting more people to subscribe to your YouTube/Blog channel? #BlogHour via

Q6. For final insight, share which YouTubers and/or Bloggers you feel have been inspirational in building their community? #BlogHour