Get Up, Get Motivated. Hello 2017


What a start to 2017. The festive season has come to an end and the have been announced. 

After the public voting phase, it is difficult to only put the top 8 content creators through to the finals. There are so many amazing blogs and vlogs managed across the UK. If you were nominated, we hope you enjoyed the process and discovered new social media talent. We don't believe in selecting who should be nominated. Afterall, social content is about public opinion and your opinion counts.

As we move into 2017 with a bang, tonight's #BlogHour is about motivation and inspiration. We want to know what you are excited for this year. Check out tonight's questions below, we hope you can join us at 9pm via Twitter:  

Q1. Have you made a NY's resolutions and do you believe in making them? #BlogHour 

Q2. Let's talk self recognition. What do you love about your blog content and why? #BlogHour

Q3. What improvements do you aim to make this year and what challenges would you like to overcome? #BlogHour

Q4. So far, what is the best 2017 prediction you have seen and do you have your own digital predictions? #BlogHour

Q5. We all know there are lots of content creators out there, how do you plan to stand out from the crowd? #BlogHour

Q6. The #UKBA17 are not just about reaching the final but creating awareness for UK web content. Show some 2017 love to your faves! #BlogHour

We hope you like tonight's questions and look forward to Tweeting with you all tonight at 9pm.