Michael Forshaw, Education UKBA15 Judge is the Director from .

Online resources for the education sector has now become a prominent tool, with Blogging being a key attribute for the sector.

Michael is currently judging the Education individual and company shortlisted candidates, why not find out some of the points he will be looking out for when assessing the shortlist. Michael also commented about the awards:

“Educators love to share best practice with their peers and blogging can be an ideal platform for doing this. What I love about blogging most is that it allows Teachers and NQTs with a relatively low profile to have their ideas heard, which in my view is where the grass roots innovation really starts.”

You can connect with Michael and Innovate My School virtually:

1. What does it take for you to bookmark a Blog? Is there anything that a Blog must have/be to grab your attention?

Unique ideas that I can take away and ponder over.

2. What would stand a Blog out from the crowd? Top three things.

  1. Quality content: Unique ideas and opinions that have been well-researched and thought about
  2. Lots of images and videos throughout
  3. Useful hyperlinks to further my reading

3. How seriously do big companies take Blogs and the Blogging culture on a commercial level?

I think most big companies are aware that they cannot hard sell to their audience, especially in the education sector. They know that they must be seen as thought-leaders and not driven by profit. Blogging is the ideal platform for doing this as they can share regular advice and tips, opinion pieces, research findings, press releases, and much more.

4. Do you think there is any brand loyalty when it comes to Blogs that report on news?

I’ve not noticed it too much within teacher-written Blogs that I come across. Anything to do with Apple is usually heavily covered as teachers certainly love their Apple products!

5. Do you think that in time Blogs will take over from the traditional media forms such as, daily newspapers for the latest news?

Absolutely. Through Blogs, everyone has a voice, and they can share their views instantly with the world online via mobile phone or tablets – which is what everything is moving towards now.

6. What Blogs do you read and why?

There’s not enough space for me to mention them all here; however, I do love reading Blogs that are filled with lots of creative ideas. I tend to steer clear from the political ones. One thing I like doing is checking the ‘Blogroll’ or ‘recommended blogs to follow’ down the side of Blogs I like as it usually leads me to even more like-minded Bloggers with even more great ideas!

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