The Digital Content Investment | #BlogHour


Five years ago there was the debate about whether or not bloggers/ vloggers/ influencers would replace the world of journalism, with further debate around bridging the gap between the two industries.

For many years now, we have seen the development of power bloggers, micro influencers and digital entrepreneurs through the power of creating online content. But is the industry now reaching a point where your investment is valued and have you taken a step back to add up your personal investment into your passion - should this even be a discussion at all?

If earning money from your blog is your thing, over the past few months you will have been developing your Tax Return submissions to 'tot up' how much you may or may not have earned over the financial year and more importantly, the investment you have spent in developing your content.

During this week's #BlogHour taking place tonight at 9pm, we will discuss your Digital Content Investment. Check out tonight's questions below:

Q1. Why (and in what case) would you pay for a course/seminar? via #BlogHour

Q2. Do you develop a marketing budget for the year? If not, do you reassess your Blog spend each year? #BlogHour

Q3. What has been the best financial investment that you have made to help aid the develop of your content? #BlogHour

Q4. Do you have a Blog strategy to enable you to keep your content tailored or do you feel writing from the heart works best? #BlogHour

Q5. How far would you travel to attend an influencer? If you the event was free would you more or less likely to attend? #BlogHour

Q6. We all know what happened at the Oscars this week. Is all press, good press for your content? #BlogHour

We look forward to debating with you at 9pm tonight via Twitter account!