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Leadership: The Importance of Influencer Collaboration

In an age where the online marketplace is booming, the importance of the right influencer collaboration is stronger than ever. Rewind a decade and social media marketing budget was a struggle. Social media has overtaken traditional forms of advertising and with broadsheets stepping down from a traditional print the presence of digital media is here to stay. Not having a social media presence today, would be like a cat with no milk. Meow, indeed.


Insight: Blazing Minds | UKBA15 Events Winner | Where are you now?

won the UK Blog Awards Event category in 2015 and we caught up with Karen to find out how her content has progressed since her big win. Being a key part of the UK Blog Awards community, Karen showcases why her Blog has such a strong following.
During this interview Karen tells us about the transition of her Blog content, how winning the award platformed her content to the next level and shares advice in helping others to be a true Blog Hero!

UK Blog Relations your community hub co-host #BlogHour

Last week, our shiny new engagement platform, went live. Since then, we have seen lots of lovely influencer introductions on the Noticeboard area of the platform, as well as the brand Opportunities flooding in!

The reason that a platform like UK Blog Relations was created, was not just to create giveaway and content opportunities (paid and unpaid). No sir, the platform goes beyond that. 

Insight: Take to the Road | UKBA16 Automotive Winner | Where Are You Now

This week, we continue our Insight interviews with UK Blog Awards 2016 Automotive winner, Niall from his classic car blog and youtube channel, Take to the Road. 
For some time, Niall has been on the right road to success and during this post he provides insight to what blog life has been like since his big UK Blog Awards win. Take to the Road is a great blog success story that showcases that if your Blog has a small following it can still acheive great things, as well as gaining insigh to some pretty cool cars! 


Insight: Eltoria | UKBA16 Fashion and Vlogger Double Winner: Where are you now

Insight: Eltoria 
UKBA16 Fashion and Vlogger Double Winner:
Where are you now

Next up in our Insight interviews, we have caught up with 2016 Fashion and Beauty and Vlogger and Podcast winner, Eltoria. Simone Partner is the talent behind Eltoria and she has already begun to build her own community of #Eltorians. 


Awards Recognition | #BlogHour

The UK Blog Awards 2017, in association with ODEON Cinemas went live for entries and nominations yesterday to award the best influencer talent across the UK. On the first day alone, over 800 entries and nominations have been received!
To continue the celebration of industry Blog Heroes, we wanted to discuss awards recognition during #BlogHour this week.  

Insight: Faya from Fitness on Toast | UKBA15 Lifestyle Winner: Where are you now

With the mark of the fourth going live for nominations this week, we wanted to catch up with some of the previous individual UKBA winners to gain insight into how the awards have helped platform their career and where they are now, as well as sharing their career highlights.

The Rise of Instagram | #BlogHour

During this week’s #BlogHour, we’ll be discussing the ‘Rise of Instagram’ on Tuesday 27th September 2016 at 9pm via Twitter account. 
Over the past few months alone, Instagram have made some big changes, particularly with the introduction of Instagram Stories, the new alternative to Snapchat. Users can create their own ‘story’ on their page, enabling them to share live videos and photos with doodles and creative text for 24hrs before their story disappears. 


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