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Your Organic Reach | #BlogHour

Five years ago paid advertising was the way forward in the online world for social engagement and arguably, still is an important marketing tool. In 2011, content blogs and youtubers existed but influencer endorsement (of the non celebrity type) was only beginning with the likes of Zoella hitting our digital screens.


Insight: Whisper and Blush | Wedding UKBA16 Winner | Where are you now?

Staying to true to yourself is what Melissa and Kate feel makes a true Blog Hero and we couldn't agree more. Melissa and Kate have had a VERY busy year with not only winning a UK Blog Awards, but more importantly delivering two beautiful babies three weeks apart. Some may say it was planned and afterall, are in the wedding planning business! 

Tell our readers a bit about you and your Blog content..


Your Content Inspiration | #BlogHour

You've started your Blog and/or Vlog and created social media channels to tie in with your grand content plans. With all of the other great content out there, how do you not only maintain what you are producing, but keep up with the ever changing social times and the power digital talent that is here in the present.

The answer to the above? Do not let the above over whelm you. Instead, embrace your content experience and always remember that today's power bloggers and vlogger leaders have been where you may be right now.


Insight: Graphique Fantastique | UKBA14 Individual Winner | Where are you now?

If you follow Natasha's, Graphique Fantastique Blog you will know that she has an eye for design. Her creativity is what inspired our judges to award her in 2014 as the best individual young blog at the UK Blog Awards. 
During this interview, you can find out how Natasha's content has flourished over the years, as well as her most recent exciting collaboration with one of her favourite organisations!

#BlogHour: A Look Back on 2016

As the UK Blog Awards entry and nomiantions process is extended for a final 7 days and the months of 2016 are drawing to close, our readers felt that a look back on 2016 would be relevant for this week's #BlogHour. 

Join the conversation with us and your community tonight at 9pm via Twitter to discuss your 2016 acheivements, your 2017 goals and what experience you have had during the past 11 months. We always love a good debate and want to find out what has worked for you and how your experiecnes can help others. 

Before the hour begins, you can view the questions below:


Your Advertising Position | #BlogHour

The 'C' word is upon us. Yep, you guessed it, get ready for Vlogmas and Blogmas overhauls across our digital screens. But before this, people can't stop talking about the John Lewis advert that isn't the actual advert and is fact was a piece of coursework created by an A Level media student, . Fast forward a few months and Nick work is the talk of social and has now been offered a job with W Communications. Not bad for a piece of coursework.



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