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It's Awards Season and you're invited | ODEON Cinema co-host #BlogHour

It’s Awards Season and you’re all invited.

are really excited to be headline sponsors for UK Blog Awards for the second year running. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to continue to get to know the blogging community, what makes you tick, what inspires you; and as part of our headline award, Content of the Year; identify creative talent.


INSIGHT: What it takes to win a UK Blog Award with Arts and Culture Judge, Simone Sagi from Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions

With the UK Blog Awards 2017 judging phase approaching this February, we wanted to provide our finalists and community with insight into why we chose them as industry judge and find out what they will be looking for when judging, as well as how they would identify their own Blog hero!


The Wellbeing Debate with Hammersmith Health Books | #BlogHour

With so much health information flying around these days, the path to wellbeing can be confusing to say the least. Public health guidelines from the NHS and government bodies are so generalised that they rarely seem to apply to individuals - or at least to us personally. We're inundated with sales pitches masquerading as health advice from brands - whether they are selling toothpaste, fruit juice, cosmetic surgery or even financial services, every brand seems to want to tell us what is good for us.


Growing Your Content in 2017 | #BlogHour

With any new year, it welcomes the prospect of growth, change and development for many. We are excited to see what 2017 will bring for our community and how influencers will develop their content further in 2017, as well as experience further changes that will happen acrosss the blogosphere in 2017.

To experience growth, it is important to reach out to others and gain knowledge from peers experiences. During this week's #BlogHour, our community have come together to gain further insight into how they can grow their content over the course of the year. 


Tis the Season for Content | #BlogHour

The Public Vote ended yesterday for our UK Blog Awards 2017 candidates and with 96,000 votes received, which illustrates the support of the social media talent entered into the process. Whilst everyone enjoys Christmas, our busy elves will be collating all of the votes cast during phase 1 of the judging process.
To begin the new year with a bang, the shortlist will be announced on Monday 2nd January 2017! The shortlist will be judged against the UK Blog Awards rigorous judging criteria in February. 


Community Voice | #BlogHour

Yesterday, we welcomed the beginning of the Public Vote for the UK Blog Awards 2017 which attracted over 24,000 votes and 44,000 unique visits to the website to view the talent that is entered into the 2017 awards process. Each year your strong community surpasses our expectations and the traffic and votes doubled since 2016 – the search for the UK Blog Awards Blog Hero and Heroine is on!


Insight: Make Wealth History | UKBA16 Green and Eco Winner | Where Are You Now?

Jeremy's Blog, is a wholehearted read from social to environmental issues. In this interview Jeremy talks about self recognition and promotion is ok and how he admires content creators who have influence to develop a strong sense of community following. During this read, be prepared to be inspired!



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