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The Best of You | #BlogHour

It has been a busy few weeks for the UK Blog Awards team, our industry judges have now submitted their verdicts on their category finalists and this Thursday, we will be judging all of the winning category content from all 17 categories against each other at HQ to discover the overarching, Content of the Year 2017. This part of the process will be judged purely on an extended version of the Content section of the UK Blog Awards 2017 criteria. 


INSIGHT: Publishing Meets Blogging with Dr. Rupy Aujla and Georgina Bentliff from Hammersmith Health Books

The Health and Socialcare category is always filled with bags of empathy and energy, illustrating real life experiences. Over the years, we have received some really powerful entrants from people who have embarked on an extremely difficult health journey to influencers sharing their professional and social insight.


For The Love of Blog | #BlogHour

The 14th February, Valentines Day. A marketeers and PR campaign dream. Over the years, social media has opened many doors to enable brands to develop authentic engagement with their following, new and loyal customer base. This year, we are loving the KFC and Domino stunts - who wouldnt love a bouquet of chicken or an encrusted gold pizza ring for engagements that are shared online. **insert emoji**


INSIGHT: Live Video and the Power of Digital Storytelling with Vlogger and Podcast Judges, Yusuf Omar

Live took the UK and the world by storm in 2016 and by now, we all have the statistics that we cannot ignore. Will video eventually replace traditional textual blogs, probably not. Will video have an impact on traditional textual blogs, our answer is, yes, probably and we are already seeing the impact. 


INSIGHT: Everything that's wrong with your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Love them or hate, the power of influencers can’t be ignored. Everywhere you go, every campaign you see, every YouTube video you watch, they're there! 10 years ago, you'd be seen as a forward thinker to suggest making them a core part of your campaign. 5 years ago, they were an afterthought. Now, they are the topic of discussion at all your meetings and every marketing department wants a piece of them.


INSIGHT: Originality vs. Artificial Content with Food and Drink Judges, Iqbal Wahhab OBE FRSA and Kimberley Wilson

If you follow the UK Blog Awards social channels closely, you will have noticed that held a super influencer meet up on Monday 6th February attended by judges, UKBA17 partners, finalists and industry infleuncers - who said that you have to be a finalist to be involved with the UK Blog Awards. Not us.


Sharing Your Story | #BlogHour

From 28 January - 4 February, it is National Storytelling Week which is held by and even though their mission is to promote the oral tradition of storytelling, we also want to celebrate the millennial way of delivering stories, through blogging.

Who can deny that we all love a good book. You may prefer a reading from your Kindle, but we would argue that nothing beats turning those traditional printed pages. 



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