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Event Experiences and your Blog Audience | #BlogHour

Events cause and create many emotions. Excitement, nerves, anxiety and laughter to name a few. So how can attending events aide your Blog development and more importantly, how do you choose which events to attend.

During tonight's #BlogHour, we will be discussing event experiences, how they make you feel, what you plan to achieve out of attending and how attendance and participation can enhance growth.


INSIGHT: Leading the Way in Digital Fitness with Sports and Fitness judges, Joe Warner, Editorial Director from Men’s Fitness Magazine and Cheryl Hersey, Director from Action PR

This week, the event information has been requested from our judges and their hard work is now complete. Our judges are now counting down to the awards event where the industry winners will be announced and the biggest names in digital can celebrate under one roof!


The Digital Content Investment | #BlogHour

Five years ago there was the debate about whether or not bloggers/ vloggers/ influencers would replace the world of journalism, with further debate around bridging the gap between the two industries.

For many years now, we have seen the development of power bloggers, micro influencers and digital entrepreneurs through the power of creating online content. But is the industry now reaching a point where your investment is valued and have you taken a step back to add up your personal investment into your passion - should this even be a discussion at all?


The Best of You | #BlogHour

It has been a busy few weeks for the UK Blog Awards team, our industry judges have now submitted their verdicts on their category finalists and this Thursday, we will be judging all of the winning category content from all 17 categories against each other at HQ to discover the overarching, Content of the Year 2017. This part of the process will be judged purely on an extended version of the Content section of the UK Blog Awards 2017 criteria. 


INSIGHT: Publishing Meets Blogging with Dr. Rupy Aujla and Georgina Bentliff from Hammersmith Health Books

The Health and Socialcare category is always filled with bags of empathy and energy, illustrating real life experiences. Over the years, we have received some really powerful entrants from people who have embarked on an extremely difficult health journey to influencers sharing their professional and social insight.



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