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Cyber in the Blogosphere

You arrived at your desk this morning, switched on your laptop/ desktop and the security alert appeared that your system has not been backed up recently. The notice that has reminded you for the past two weeks because you have been too busy  and side tracked to develop your most recent post or respond to the string of emails that are pilling up in your inbox.


International Interaction | #BlogHour

Out of nowhere, May is here and we are already thinking about what is in store for content creators for the remainder of 2017.

Developing creative content daily and weekly is a task in itself, so where do you find your inspiration? Tonight during #BlogHour at 9pm we will discuss thinking outside of the box and venturing outside of the UK to help grow your content community further. Check out tonight's questions below:

Q1. Do you follow any blogs or vlogs that are not based in the UK? If so, how does their content differ? #BlogHour


Your Blog Campaign | #BlogHour

It was the UK Blog Awards 2017 on Friday and Director, Gemma Newton shared her views on the industry and how bloggers can have a stronger power of influence than the biggest media houses. One thing she did discuss was that digital has provided bloggers (and everyone else) with a voice, which can provide and drive opportunity to change perceptions and be recognised as a thought leader through campaigning with an authentic voice. Gemma encouraged the audience to not follow the crowd, but create your own by thinking outside of the box.


Pre UK Blog Awards 2017 and Your Community #BlogHour

The UK Blog Awards 2017 event is approaching this Friday with the days now down to single fingures on the countdown and we cannot wait for the community to come together to network, learn from each other, encourage and innovate.

Whether you chose to enter yourself into the awards process (why should you not be proud of your own achievements) or were lucky enough to be nominated or event if the awards 'are not your thing', that's fine too. One thing we do have in common is community and enjoying the 'good' of this ever changing industry.


Blogger Mic Night | #BlogHour

Get ready bloggers, it's your turn to take the virtual mic with a quick round of questions tonight from 9-10pm via Twitter account.

Each week, we love nothing more than getting together and developing different discussion points, as well as welcoming brands to cohost but it is important for the community to have your own voice, debate and be heard!


Event Experiences and your Blog Audience | #BlogHour

Events cause and create many emotions. Excitement, nerves, anxiety and laughter to name a few. So how can attending events aide your Blog development and more importantly, how do you choose which events to attend.

During tonight's #BlogHour, we will be discussing event experiences, how they make you feel, what you plan to achieve out of attending and how attendance and participation can enhance growth.



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