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Social Responsibility, Fake News and Your Blog

It's a pretty heavy subject, but Social Responsibility in a digital world is something we think we should all be interested in and talking about. With the reach of Influencers today, this can work for the good or harm of the wider public. Blogging is a powerful tool, that can be used to influence powerful emotions- it's a tool that has been used in incredible ways to help those in need across the globe, but it has also become a means for spreading hatred, fear and harm.

Doing What You Love #YourJourney

Being a blogger is a labour of love, wouldn't you agree? Not only is it a relentless machine that constantly needs looking after, churning and feeding (after all, your fans LOVE your content so you have to keep giving it to them!) It's not just the day to day of Blogging that you have to manage, it's the questions from your friends and family, the time invested in growing your blog, even investing in your development and skill-set.

Warren Buffett said, 'The best investment you can make is in yourself.'

Doing what you love

The 5 Best Books for Bloggers- Your ultimate *summer* reading list!

You may have noticed that we had to put summer into ** simply because...well, where IS our summer? When we planned this blog post we had imagined laying on a picnic blanket in Hyde Park or on the beach in Brighton...sipping on some quintessentially British glass of Pimms or a cold beer. Alas, it is not to be!

The top 5 books every blogger should read

Your Content Creation- What's Your Secret?

The age old saying is still so true - 'Content is King' - it's the life blood of any great blog. It feeds your following, nourishes your soul and just generally builds your own following and reputation. However- content is also a never ending beast that must be fed right? Having to create engaging, well written, authoritative, informative content weekly if not daily is...well, a full time job!

#Bloghour Content Creation

Giving it Away for Free or Negotiating a Fee?

This week for our #Bloghour we want to talk about a topic that all of our influencers bring up at one time or another, it's the age old question of 'giving it away for Free' or negotiating a fee. For most of our bloggers, vloggers, Social Influencers- the end goal when building their following and creating their content is to turn their hobby into a paid career. Many times that begins with product trials, trips and events....often for free. The big question is, WHEN is the right time to change that.

Mental Health and Digital Influencers- How are you affected?

Our #Bloghour this week is kind of deep.... it’s very deep but rightly so. Let us start by saying that we love nothing more than reading all your amazing blogs, finding new and incredible content and just generally getting an insight into your lives. We even love a good scroll through Instagram and Twitter- checking out the latest 'hot topics' and lifestyle updates from the millions (and yes, billions) of people out there creating digital content daily, weekly and monthly.

#Bloghour Mental Health Awareness

Surprises you NEVER saw coming!

We've all seen it, in fact most of us have been it...those doe-eyed newbie bloggers, fresh and eager, with their gleaming mac-book air (purchased for a bargain on Shpock or Ebay) ready to take the world by storm with their voice- we LOVE them...seriously, the Digital Influencer Industry has more inspiration, motivation and just general enthusiasm than any other industry we've seen.

Where were we?

Oh yeah,

So you start your blogging journey...and, just like with any good post-Christmas diet- it starts off well, but...hold on, what's this?

Knowing Your Numbers

It’s a hot topic worldwide, not just in the UK but ‘qualifying’ your results seem to be on every Brand, Agency and PR’s mind at the moment- proving that a digital influencer not only has the reach, but that their engagement is high is the first requirement when looking for Digital Content Creators to partner with brands now.

#Bloghour - Knowing Your Numbers

Your Blogger Business

Last week during #BlogHour we touched on the topic of becoming a full time blogger and the different blog labels. When does the label change and when are you defined from being a hobbyist to commercial blogger. More importantly, is a label needed at all?



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