The Blogosphere: Flooded or Influential Industry | #BlogHour


A controversial title for this week's #BlogHour. We obviously agree with the latter part of the title, influential, but what are your thoughts?

We have almost hit the one month mark since the UK Blog Awards 2016 and we have already begun planning the As well as the awards, we are in full planning swing of the new UK Blog Relations platform which will go live for bloggers and brands to connect at the end of June.

focuses on the very point of tonight's #BlogHour topic: Influence. Arguably, there are a lot of Bloggers and Vloggers across the web whose content will be unique in their own right. However, rather than being overwhelmed by content, we believe it is about finding the right connection, whether you are a brand, PR or blogger - the right content partnership formation is important.

Last week, we seen co-host an interacting hour about all things travel. This week, we are passing the virtual mic over to some of our bloggers to ask their own questions. We hope this week's post and six questions inspire your thoughts. We look forward to connecting with you tonight at 9pm via Twitter account.

Check out the questions below and as always, don't forget to use the hashtag #BlogHour:

Q1. Lots of established bloggers state the community is flooded & full of people with no talent. Where does this leave blogging? #BlogHour

Q2. When you follow a link what makes you stay & read the blog? What grabs your attention design wise? #BlogHour

Q3. #FacebookLive has now hit our social media scene. How do you think this will impact Blogging? via #BlogHour

Q4. What do people look for in a Blog? Information/humour/interesting stories? via #BlogHour

Q5. Has your Blogging style changed since winning an award? via #BlogHour

Q6. Which Blogging industry niche do you feel is most influential and which industry is the 'one to watch'? #BlogHour

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