#BlogHour: A Look Back on 2016


As the UK Blog Awards entry and nomiantions process is extended for a final 7 days and the months of 2016 are drawing to close, our readers felt that a look back on 2016 would be relevant for this week's #BlogHour. 

Join the conversation with us and your community tonight at 9pm via Twitter to discuss your 2016 acheivements, your 2017 goals and what experience you have had during the past 11 months. We always love a good debate and want to find out what has worked for you and how your experiecnes can help others. 

Before the hour begins, you can view the questions below:

Q1. How far has your content come in 2016 and what is your biggest acheivement so far? via #BlogHour

Q2a. What do you do if you're blogging on a topic that isn't particularly visual or where you dont have a suitable image? via #BlogHour

Q2b. In your opinion what are three key ingredients to a brilliant Blog post? via #BlogHour

Q3. How do you ensure content you post is responsible and trustworthy as an influencer? via #BlogHour

Q4. What is your favourite brand you've worked with and how did you make contact? via #BlogHour

Q5. Do you feel some brands expect a lot of energy and time from bloggers yet don't want to pay well for their work? via #BlogHour

Q6. What do you want to acheive in 2017 with your content? #BlogHour

See you at 9pm!