#BlogHour: A 360 Approach to Social Media

BlogHour UK Blog Awards

Is it really time for another #BlogHour? We don't know if you agree but the weeks are flying by already in 2016. Next stop will the UK Blog Awards 2016 ceremony - we hope all shortlisted and non shortlisted candidates will attend the UK's largest celebration of digital content. To purchase your tickets, click here.

This week, we have developed questions around current trends that have been debated across social media recently, as well as taking questions from you, our Blogging community. We hope you can join our ever growing twitter party to discuss all things social media, blogging and most importantly, you!

Please see the questions below in advance of the #BlogHour discussion which will take place via Twitter account on Tuesday 9th February 2016 from 9-10pm:

Q1. How do you feel about Social Media platforms such as, Twitter implementing an algorithm that will change how your feed is ordered? #BlogHour

Q2. Which is more powerful: short-form or long-form blog posts and why? via #BlogHour

Q3. What are your thoughts on 360 degree videos and which campaigns have been your favourite? #BlogHour

Q4. Do you rely heavily on social media for Blog traffic? If so, what platform is most successful for you? via #BlogHour

Q5. What elements of Facebook are most useful to promote your Blog? Have you ever used Messenger to reach out to companies? #BlogHour

Q6. As it's Pancake Day, just for fun share your favourite recipe ideas with us and tell how this reflects your personality! #BlogHour

We look forward to tweeting with you during #blogHour, as always, don't forget to use the hashtag!