Alternative Approaches to Draw Your Audience into Your Blog | #BlogHour


There are many tools and marketing techniques to draw audiences back to your content and develop a regular and committed readership. Sounds simple, right? If only.

With so much content and millions of Blogs world wide it can be difficult to gain the recognition that your Blog deserves. This was one of the reasons we founded the awards and tonight during #BlogHour we will discuss other alternatives.

We hope you enjoy the questions from our blogging community and us. Please see the questions below for discussion - see you via Twitter at 9pm:

Q1. Emoji's and GIF's. What are your thoughts and how have you implemented into your Blog and Marketing? #BlogHour via

Q2. Are you on ? We loved Cadbury's Easter campaign: . How will you use this platform to market your Blog and who is doing it best? #BlogHour

Q3. How can you use Facebook smarter to draw in following - what has worked for you? via #BlogHour

Q4. What are the current SEO trends of 2016 to stay ahead with your Blog? via #BlogHour

Q5. Have you ever used selfies in your Blog marketing? If so, how has this worked for you? #BlogHour

Q6. What is your favourite live stream platform and why? #BlogHour

See you at 9pm!