2016 Planning and Prediction | #BlogHour


It is the final day for individuals and companies to enter their industry Blog into the UK Blog Awards for 2016. We have received some amazing entries so far and we cannot wait for the Public Vote to begin on Monday 4th January 2016. .

To celebrate Best of British Blogs, join us and your Blogging community tonight at 9pm to discuss all things 2016: Planning and Prediction.

We hope you find the below questions interesting and testing:

Q1. 2016 trend prediction are everywhere. We predict the focus of Storytelling. How will you better your Storytelling? #BlogHour

Q2. Is a further link between Journalists and Bloggers a trend for "organised journalism" and will both merge to be seen together as, "the media"? #BlogHour

Q3. Do you believe that everyone "gets" Social Media. Define Social Media in your own words. #BlogHour

Q4. Design and Style are two important factors of a Blog. How do you rate your Blogs user experience and look? #BlogHour

Q5. Would you agree that Blogs are now "personalised news". Will there be a difference in title between news bloggers and hobbyist bloggers? #BlogHour

Q6. Healthy Lifestyle is a trend we cannot escape. How will you keep your Blog content healthy? #BlogHour

We look forward to tweeting with you via Twitter handle from 9pm tonight.